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Has anyone tried Kale chips?

If so, what would you say they taste like? I want to make some but i’m scared lol.
  1. mskilljoyifyourenasty answered: They’re Delisico
  2. labodee718 answered: To me they just taste like salt lol, the kale loses alot of flavor being baked. But I love chips, its a great dupe when I crave salty foods.
  3. girlsjustwannahavefunds said: kale chips are great! i made some wassabi flavored ones with my friend not long ago. got the inspiration from some that they sell at whole foods or something lol
  4. gemjade answered: whole foods has some flavored ones, they are sooo good. I had the vampire one..mostly garlic.
  5. blackloveisabeautifulthing answered: it tastes like eating a crunchy leaf
  6. myriadofcrys answered: I’ve made them before.They have sort of that veggie taste and have a nice crunch. It only takes like 10 minuted to make.
  7. kngshxt answered: They’re really good.
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